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  • Infinite Energy Sept-Oct 2021- Papp

    This seven-page article discusses the evolution of Papp’s patent along with modern physics theories of how the Papp engine might have worked. It recaps the submarine effort. It is a fresh and more modern scientific look at the anomaly of the Papp engine and its possible relation to LENR.

  • Infinite Energy Issue 51 Papp Engine

    This is a huge series of articles comprising 58 pages in the 2003 issue of Infinite Energy. Authors include the late Eugene F. Mallove, David Ansley, Joseph Papp’s patents, Richard P Feynman, question and answer interview with Cecil Baumgartner, articles by Bob Said, Mark Hugo, Blair Jenness, Heinz Klosterman and P.N. & A.N. Correa.

  • 65-1 EXHIBIT C-Iowa 4-11-cv-239

    This 2011 document details the fight between John P. Rohner of PlasmERG Inc. and Michael P. Girouard MD over a $300,000 loan at 9% annual interest made to Rohner and controlling shares of the company. Also, ownership of various patents related to the Papp technology that presumably Rohner had developed. It is worth noting that…

  • Volusia County Clerk Florida Probate Case Records

    Papp died in April of 1989 in Florida and there is a long and detailed list of people and corporations that filed with the clerk claiming debts owned by Papp. It totals over six million dollars, some four million alone to the IRS for back taxes.

  • US Bankruptcy Court District of Nebraska Papp International v Roser Sept 1995

    Don Roser filed suit against the estate of Joe Papp and Papp International claiming that his court order and agreements with Papp would have standing in the case and he would be able to gain some compensation either financial, property or intellectual. However, the judge did not see it that way and said the Roser…

  • Feynman on Papp Southern California Skeptics

    This 3-page article from the Journal of Southern California Skeptics provides Feynman’s comments on the Papp engine and his participation. He admits that he was at fault for the explosion and that Caltech settled out of court with Joe Papp, Don Roser and Enviornetics Inc.

  • Sunday West Article by Ansley Aug 27-1989

    This is an important and long article that San Jose Mercury News Reporter David Ansley wrote where interviewed several witnesses and reviewed documents. Interviews of Geza Szabo, Jim Adamson of Convair, Ernie Engel, Ken Dollar and Jimmy Sabori.

  • License Agreement Papp International and Rohner Engine July 1982

    This is a signed and witnessed six-page license agreement between Papp International Incorporated and the Rohner Engine Inc. includes representations and warranties, payments, royalties, records, infringement, invalidity of patent and notices.   

  • Rear Admiral Ira McMillian to George Haley Jan 14 1978

    McMillian is extremely concerned that Papp will take his invention to a foreign country and must be stopped by revoking his green card certificates and urges a high-level discussion on the “non scientific elements of this mind-boggling development.” Copies of the memo were provided Undersecretary Dale Meyers, President Carter.

  • General Dynamics – Papp Explosion Demo Test April 19-1975

    This is a technical report from General Dynamics Convair Division in San Diego dated April 19, 1975. The conclusion in part “The Papp Scientific Inc. (PSI) demonstration device produced a loud explosion which ripped apart a 25-gallon steel drum and threw the damp sand it was filled within it as far as 50 feet. The…