General Dynamics – Papp Explosion Demo Test April 19-1975

This is a technical report from General Dynamics Convair Division in San Diego dated April 19, 1975. The conclusion in part “The Papp Scientific Inc. (PSI) demonstration device produced a loud explosion which ripped apart a 25-gallon steel drum and threw the damp sand it was filled within it as far as 50 feet. The inside of the test cell was splattered with sand; however, a thick steel table placed over the container did not show evidence of the sand hitting it, indicating that the force emanated radially from the source. No flash of light or flame or smoke was evident at the time of the explosion and no evidence of fire or flame was seen upon closer inspection. No significant evidence of halogens (chlorine), hydrocarbons or atomic radiation was detected. The gas was not flammable and did not appear to support combustion.”